Eat, sleep, breathe, create music

Thunder Sound Studios is a destination studio located in Franklin, Kentucky – just 45 minutes north of Nashville, Tennessee.

Our fully equipped studio complex is set on 100 scenic acres of heaven in the Kentucky countryside.

From the 3,500 sq. ft. luxury lodge, to the 1,800 sq. ft. Hotel Cali, you’ll find an exclusive, private environment for recording, mixing, songwriting, rehearsing and pre/post-production while still being close to Nashville’s Music Row.

Welcome to Thunder Sound

The Studio

Our large array of vintage analog and digital equipment will meet your session requirements in a stress-free environment and our living arrangements, outdoor performance venue and rehearsal hall make this the ultimate destination. As creative people who are focused and dedicated to helping you create your sound, you’ll see why Thunder Sound stands out among the rest.



The creative process never stops. That’s why it was important to us to create a place for musicians to stay without leaving our campus. The Lodge at Thunder Sound has room for you and up to 7 others while you keep the creativity flowing with a gourmet kitchen, sauna, jacuzzi and more.


Have a smaller crew? Try the Hotel Cali Suite with a detached kitchen, space for a writing room, awesome entertainment center and comfy beds. 

What Makes Thunder Sound Studio Different?

We are a fully-equipped digital and analog destination studio production complex committed to your ultimate success.  Whether it’s one day or one month, our dedicated staff will help you achieve your best sound in a nurturing environment.  Enjoy front veranda songwriting sessions, barbecues, fishing, hiking trails, cable TV and TOTAL PRIVACY during your stay. 

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