At Thunder Sound, we are collectors of that vintage sound you can’t find anywhere else. 

Browse our selection of gear and get a feel for why the sound you get here can’t be found anywhere else on the planet.


1975 MCI JH-416 24 Channel Inline Console


MCI JH-16 24 track 1978 2″ Dream Machine

32 Channel Universal Audio Conversion on Mac OS

ProTools 12

Logic X

Ableton Live 9 Suite

Large Variety of Plugins


Adam a7x  Pair

Yamaha NS10m Pair

JBL LSR308  Pair

KRK Rokit 8

KRK 10” Sub


Lisson Grove R-124

ADR F600 Stereo Compressor

SPL Transient Designer – 4ch

Warm Audio 1176 style compressor

Lightning Boy LB2A – LA2A style

Universal Audio 6176

Type4000 GSSL Compressor – SSL G series type stereo compressor

Dbx 160X

Empirical Labs Fatso

Shure Level Loc

Various other colorful limiters


1960’s Tube Variable Band Pass Filters (x2)

Pultech MEQ-5

Tubetech ME1-B (x2)

1960’s Simpson Tube EQ

Altec narrow band Stereo EQ

Moog 10 Band EQ

Altec 24 notch EQ

Allison Band Pass

Warm Audio EPQ-WA Tube EQ


Ampex 350 Tube Pre

Ampex 600 Tube Pre

Universal Audio 4-710d Tube Pre

Magnecord Tube Pre

UA 610 Tube Pre

Heritage Audio DMA73 2ch – Neve 1073 Style (2ch)

Altec 1567A 5 x 1 Tube Mixer

Collins 3×1 Tube Mixer

Scully 280 (x2)

Various Others


Fairchild Reverbertron Spring Reverb

AKG BX-10 Spring Reverb

Plate Reverb

Orban Dual Reverberation Spring Reverb

Biamp Stereo Reverb

Roland Chorus Echo RE-301

Various other tape echoes, delays and effects

Guitar Amps

Ampeg SVT410 Cab

Ampeg B18 1960’s

Fender Bassman 50w Head w/ Cab (1968)

Fender Deluxe Reverb (1970’s)

Fender Pro Jr

Fender Super Reverb (1968)

Fender Vibro Champ (1970’s)

Roland JC120

Sears Silvertone 1438 Head w/ Cab (1960’s)

Yorkville BassMaster 400

Various other vintage and rare amps

Various Others

AKG D224E (x2)
Altec 639A Birdcage
Astatic DN-50
BeyerDynamics M69
BeyerDynamics M160
BeyerDynamics M500
Bruno Labs VD HP
CalRad DM-21g
Electro-Voice PL5
Electro-Voice 605
Electro-Voice 635A (x2)
Electro-Voice 660
Electro-Voice 666
Electro-Voice N/D767A
Electro-Voice RE15 (x3)
Electro-Voice RE50
Electro-Voice RE320
MXL Revelation
Neumann u87ai
Neumann km 183 (x2)
Neumann CMV563 (M7 Capsule)
Phillips LBB9050/05
PML Pearl EC-61A (x2)
RCA MI-6203c
RCA MI-11007 BK1A
RCA MI-12002 KB2A
Reslo RBH/TS
Rode NT2A
SE Electronics R1
Sennheiser MD21
Sennheiser MD421-U-5
Sennheiser MD421N
Sennheiser MD441-U
Shure Beta 58A
Shure SM7B
Shure Unidyne 333
Shure Unidyne PE53
Shure Unidyne DY11
Shure Unidyne III 545S
Shure Unidyne III 545SG (gold)
Shure Unidyne III PE54
Shure Unidyne I 565D (x2)
Shure Unidyne I 565S
Shure Unidyne III 545D
Shure Unidyne III 545D
Shure Unidyne III SM57 (x2)
STC 4113
Sterling Audio ST55
Telefunken SC-5C (x2)
20″ 1960’s Slingerland Gold Satin Kit
22″ 1970’s Slingerland Purple Hazed Kit
24″ 1070’s Slingerland Kick Drum
18″ Gretsch Catalina Club Kit

Drum Machines
Acetone Rhythm Ace
Drum Computer MFB-522
Korg PSS-50
Korg PSS-60
Korg Rhythm 55
Maestro Rhythm N’ Sound
Maestro Rhythm King
Oberheim Cyclone
Oberheim DX
Roland R8
Roland TR-707
Keyboards, Synths and Organs
Acetone TOP-1
ARP Electric Piano
ARP Omni – 2
ARP ProSoloist
Crumar Performer
Crumar Roady
Farfisa Mini Compact
Farfisa VIP 345
Hammond C-3 with Leslie
Hohner Clavinet Duo
Kimball Challenger P5
Korg Delta
Korg Lambda
MOOG Opus 3
Multivox MX-51
Multivox MX-202
Roland VK-1
Siel Flying 61
Vox Super Continental
Wurlitzer 200
Pianos & Electric Pianos
Chase Brothers Upright
Schumann Upright
Wurlitzer Upright
Everett EV60 Grand Piano
Premier Baby Grand Piano
Yamaha CP70 Electric Grand
Wurlitzer 200 Electric Piano
Rhodes 73 Electric Piano
Rhodes 73 Suitcase
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