Nestled Into 100 Acres of Kentucky Heaven

Find the perfect creative haven.

45 minutes north of Nashville, beyond the city lights and roaring lanes of freeway traffic, fields of corn tremble in moonlight and gleam in the cool Kentucky sun of every brand new day. Doves fly there in less than an hour, zeroing in on the roof of a building framed by country roads and a sea of living green — a habitat that pulses with rhythm, vibrates with melody and life — a place where inspiration springs like clear water from the magnetic rocks of earth — a place aptly called Thunder Sound.

Thunder Sound was the vision and accomplishment of a young man who left us too soon, the late Billy Swayze, an outstanding songwriter and musician himself. He put love into building this place and it’s apparent. For Billy, the creation of Thunder wasn’t a mere commercial effort, it was the building of a house of dreams. 

Thunder Sound is engineered with sonic integrity for clean, deep dimension recording and mixing, but like some of the great studios of the past, Thunder is blessed with unique personality. The board and outboard gear offer a full range of analog and digital tools, meant to partner with the artist in capturing his or her intuitions. Sound likes to live in Thunder’s rooms and imprint itself with distinctive personality, an elusive magic is captured in this place beyond the outskirts of the little town of Franklin, Ky. Franklin is a historic place where, long ago, Johnny Cash married June Carter in the courthouse downtown. One might hope that the past is prologue, so follow the doves out to the country place and wrap yourself in the magnificent sound of THUNDER.

~Thunder Sound

Thunder Sound is a fully equipped analog and digital destination studio complex set on 100 scenic acres of heaven in the Kentucky countryside, just 45 minutes north of the Nashville recording studios and Music Row.

A wide selection of vintage gear makes this 4,800 sq. ft. studio the perfect setting for sonic exploration. From the tape machine in Nat King Cole’s studio to a console which recorded Johnny Cash and many legends, Thunder Sound has incredible karma and a positive, exploratory vibe.  The compound also includes a 3,500 sq. ft. luxury log home (with three bedrooms where guests can also enjoy fishing, hiking trails and total privacy) and a 1,800 sq. ft. Hotel California living facility (with living room, three bedrooms, cable TV, laundry, kitchen, and shower).

Combined with creative people focused and dedicated to helping you find your sound and the 10,000 sq. ft. facility set on 100 beautiful acres at your disposal, Thunder Sound in its incredible setting is the ultimate destination recording studio.


Everyone at Thunder Sound is here to make sure that your sonic experience is the best that it can be.

Studio Founder

Billy Swayze

From 2016 through 2018 Billy Swayze built Thunder Sound on his grandfather’s property as a refuge for recording artists and bands to write, produce, fraternize at a nurturing destination studio, and create the greatest music on earth.
Billy passed away in an accident in 2019, but his dream of inspiring artists and humanity with his philosophy of “peace, love and respect” through music lives on. He believed music brought people together and designed Thunder Sound to be a multi-studio creative wonderland. 
Constantly intrigued with sonic exploration, he acquired many rare, vintage instruments and effects over the years; and his musician and songwriting background gave him a unique perspective in shaping tone.  Passion for music ran deep in his veins and his cousin Roderick Falconer / Rod Taylor was a prolific rock singer / songwriter on the Geffen label with seven albums. From his first client recorded in May, 2016 Billy knew he had created a special creative oasis; and artists like Sam Bush and Cage The Elephant and Stax producer Al Bell were impressed by his unique vision.

Studio Manager

James Pearson

Affiliate Engineers

John Constable – Engineer

Colin Dupuis –  Engineer, Acoustician

Max Erskine – Engineer, Programmer & Session Player

Byron House – Producer & Session Player

Tim O’Sullivan – Engineer

Jeff Petrocelli – Mastering Engineer

Jay Willis – Recording Engineer, Videographer, Post-Production Engineer, Social  Media Content Creator, Producer

Affiliate Team Members

Murf Adams – Production

Laneus Franklin – Session Player

Alanna LaCour – Songwriter & Session Singer 

Chris Placco – Studio Assistant & Private Chef

Cris Rutledge – Journalism

Jessi Tichenor –  Artist Management

Spencer Woods – Arranger & Session Player

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